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Backslash is a colorful 3D infinite runner action-adventure that places the player in the role of a self-aware video game character that uses bizarre and nonsensical abilities to overcome diverse obstacles, and engaging boss battles.

While mixing elements that are found in many other games of the same genre, it also combines fast action combat for an original flair.

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Follow the path of discovering what happens to games that are left unfinished, and what happens to the characters within these lost worlds.

Run along treacherous paths, dodging and fighting a never ending stream of obstacles and enemies which block you on your journey.


BUILD 5 - Changelog (April 17):

- Lots of changes to the Infinite Level

- Some small changes to Level 1

- Added Level 2

- Some bugs fixed.

BUILD 4 - Changelog (March 30):

- UI has been been updated

- Added a hub menu to go to different levels

- Level 1 has been added

- Changed the Death Menu

- Switched a lot of the placeholder models to unique models

- Added Touch controls.

- Added Sound

BUILD 3 - Changelog:

-Added lifetime score

-Hold buttons down for player movements

-Implementation of start menu, with working features

-Implementation of pause menu, with working features

The game is made with the android in mind, but a web version will be uploaded here weekly.

For more information go to our website HERE

Also available on